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Does music nowadays lack inspiration? 


I would argue no it does not! Now more than ever, music is at a potential point of becoming something more important than it has ever been before. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jack aka INK PIX and I am on a mission to bring inspiration to as many people as possible through music. “How?!” you may ask subconsciously (or out loud depending what mood you’re in). For me inspiration comes from sharing ideas and lesson from others. 


Pre pandemic I was making music solely around my own life experiences, inevitably falling into the abyss of my own limitations.  Then post covid I was hit by an urge to learn from the experiences of others and use that as fuel to channel through music. August 2022 will see the first release of my documentary series “INKspiring Stories”! This documentary documents visually the interviews I have with people who face difficult life challenges such as addiction, mental health, disabilities and more. I then use these interviews to make music that is based on the lessons I’ve learnt and feel are important to share with the world. 


Come join me in my journey of spreading these messages and I encourage you to answer this question... what can the world learn from your experiences?

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