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“Life could be freeing, free from the ticking”- INK PIX: FR-END


Music artist INK PIX is on a path to alternate away from the world of saturated perfection we absorb on a daily basis. With his distinctive voice and sugary guitars, INK treads the fine line between rough and refined to give (what he thinks is) the goldilocks of indie- alternative music.


INK PIX as a music project was thought up by Jack Coldrick back in 2019. After 5 years of different attempts to share his music ranging from TikTok challenges to documentary making, INK (Jack) has finally worked out the sound he’s been looking for with his debut single ‘FR-END’ that will be released February the 2nd of 2024. This will be followed up with full band live showcases, videos and more releases to make 2024 the year of the PIX.

Upcoming Events

2/02/24_ FR-END Official Release

8/03/24_ Horsham, Showcase @ Roffey Club

Past Events

16/08/23_ Malt Shovel, Horsham, 90s Alternative Night

22/10/23_ Horsham, Carfax, Sussex Sounds Event

16/11/23_ Kings Arms, Horsham, Showcase

22/12/23_ Horsham, Carfax, Bandstand

FR-END Press Release PDF Download

FR-END Press Release with Links print.jpg

Click to Download Hi Res Photos

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