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“Life could be freeing, free from the ticking”- INK PIX: FR-END


Music artist INK PIX is on a path to alternate away from the world of saturated perfection we absorb on a daily basis. With his distinctive voice and sugary guitars, INK treads the fine line between rough and refined to give (what he thinks is) the goldilocks of indie- alternative music.


After his successful independent debut release FR-END in February 2024, INK his on track to release his next single P#RANOIA on the 22nd of March. This is the first time INK is showcasing to the world his work with his 4- piece band, playing music that aims to move with a nostalgic feel mixed with a refreshing tone. With more fans attending shows and more listeners streaming, INK plans to rise up to perform larger venues and create bigger tunes!


22/03/24_ P#RANOIA Release


8/02/24_ Roffey Club, Horsham

22/12/23_ Horsham, Carfax, Bandstand

16/11/23_ Kings Arms, Horsham, Showcase

22/10/23_ Horsham, Carfax,

Sussex Sounds Event

16/08/23_ Malt Shovel, Horsham,

90s Alternative Night

P#RANOIA 22/03

Previous Releases

FR-END Press Release PDF Download

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