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About Me

With almost 10 years of experience in the audio engineering field, I've spent the last six years as the in-house recording and mixing engineer at QM Studios in West Sussex, UK. My career has allowed me to work on a wide range of projects, from the Breck Foundation Musical to the QM Studios WW2 Memorial Podcast featuring David Essex. I've also had the pleasure of collaborating with alt-grunge band Squidge on their song "Disappear Reappear," which has amassed over 80,000 streams on Spotify.

My approach to mixing and mastering combines technical expertise with a keen ear for detail, ensuring every project achieves its fullest potential. Whether it's working with emerging artists or established acts, my focus is always on bringing the artist's vision to the forefront.

Feel free to contact me with any queries you have about the process of bringing your recordings to life!

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"Jack provides a really thorough service. Making the effort to  fully understand what we were trying to achieve with our music and worked his magic to get us there”

Kosta D and The Fortune Tellers


“I’ve worked with Jack on multiple occasions and have been very impressed by the efficiency he works at to achieve such great results”

Rob aka Rezzo Bob


“Jack has been working at QM studios for many years with his involvement in a variety of projects. His understanding of the equipment we have available allows him to utilise our tools to really get some high quality songs produced”

Adam, QM Studios


All mixes/masters are processed between 1 to 2 weeks for the first draft. Unlimited re-edits.


  • Volume, EQ, Compression Adjustment

  • Optional Vocal Editing/Tuning

  • Genre Based, Reference Mixing

  • Audio Repairing/ Noise Suppression

  • Unlimited Track Count

  • Any Stem Arrangement


  • EQ, Multiband Balancing For All Listening Sources

  • Audio Frequency Analysis and Enhance

  • Track Clipping, Compression and Loudness

  • Competitive Reference Comparison Adjustments



Mixing and Mastering



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